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Users are employees in the organization who can log into individual BLDR accounts, access information, and perform tasks according to permissions that have been defined by their role.

Adding New Users

  1. Click Menu > Administration > Users

  2. In the User list view, click the + button located on the bottom action bar to add a new user.

  3. Provide the required information about the user.

  4. Fill out all the settings and fields you want to track about the user.

  5. Click Save button

  • Username - a unique login for each user (required field).

  • First name - user's first name (required field)

  • Last name - user's last name (required field) 

  • Password - user's password (required field)

  • Email - user's email address

  • Admin - tick this checkbox if you want a user to have access to the admin panel 

  • Role - a role assigned (required field) - Each user should be assigned a Role. The Role is the set of permissions for that user. For example: Check out a few Roles and you will see each one has permissions for each Form in the app and if you can View, Create, Edit & Delete records for each form type.

  • Status - by default, the status is set as active which means that a user has access to the system. If you want to temporary disable the access, you can switch the status to inactive. (required field)


  • Only admin users have the ability to create user accounts.

  • Import Users - Please see import instructions or chat us for help.

  • Auto Sending Welcome Email - Please see auto send instructions.

  • Most web browsers automatically fill in the username and password fields when they see them for convenience. BLDR can not stop your browser from doing this. Make sure you change these fields for your new user and do not try to create another account for yourself.

Questions? Send us a chat.

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