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Account Settings

View and adjust the company information, change timesheet options and notifications.

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Administration Settings

System settings for the application.


  1. Enable/Disable Emails and Notifications.

  2. Timesheet options - Week Ending Day & Timesheet Cost Codes

  3. Beta Features

Adding your Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

  1. Save your IIPP as a pdf with the name "IIPP.pdf"

  2. Navigate to the Account Settings Page in the app. Menu->Admin->Settings

  3. Make sure IIPP Button is set to true under the Other tab.

  4. Click the paperclip tab on the Account Settings page.

  5. Drag and Drop the IIPP pdf to the files upload box.

  6. Click Save. That's it!

Additional Notes

1. If Emails Active is set to false the app will not send any emails to users.


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