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Safety Meetings
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Safety Meetings

The Safety Meetings (Tailgate Meetings) module is designed to help your organization comply with Title 8, California Code of Regulations, Section 1509(e) which states Supervisory employees shall conduct "toolbox" or "tailgate" safety meetings, or equivalent, with their crews at least every 10 working days to emphasize safety. Foreman or safety managers can host tailgate meetings directly from the field via mobile app. Crews can be preassigned to a set meeting or added on the fly from the jobsite. Meeting topics can be selected from a database of over 100+ topics or custom created.

Creating Safety Meetings

1. From the List View screen click the + button located on the bottom toolbar.
2. Fill in the Label field appropriately to your organizations standards.
3. Assign the Safety Meeting to the employee that will be responsible for conducting the meeting.
4. From the Meetings Information Tab select the appropriate Topic.
5. To view the topic click the "View" button which will display the Topic in a popup window.
6. Save the record by selecting the save button on the top right of the header toolbar.

Check Your Crew In

1. Once a meeting has been created and saved. A crew button will be selectable in the top time record navigation toolbar.
2. To add meeting attendees please click the crew button which will present a new screen with 3 tab sections.
3. Attendees: This tab will present the current employees that are assigned to the Meeting.
4. Employees: This tab is a listing of all active users in the system that are available to be assigned to the meeting. Click the circle to add the employee to the current meeting.
5. Crews: This tab is a listing of all pre-selected crews which can be assigned to the meeting by pressing the + button. Please note that you can view the members of the pre-selected crew by pressing the button to the left of the +.

Gathering Approvals

1. Once employees have been added to the safety meeting they will be listed on the Attendees tab.
2. Each employee will be listed by their name & username with a signature button and remove employee from meeting button.
3. The signature button will present a popup window with a signature field or the employees signature if already approved.
4. If the employee has already approved their attendance with a signature the remove button will not be present.

Final Steps

1. Once the meeting is complete and all employees have approved their attendance you can change the meeting status to complete.
2. Any additional information or pictures can be added to the tab with the paperclip.

Additional Notes

  • As consistent throughout the BLDR app the bottom toolbar has an envelope button that when clicked will send the record to the currently signed in users email. The button will not be present if the record has not been initially saved.

  • Advanced reporting can be achieved from the Reports Module.

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