Creating New Timesheets

  1. Click Menu > Timesheets

  2. The Timesheets Summary view will display your current weekending Timesheet.

  3. To navigate between weekending dates click the left and right arrow buttons to the side of the weekending date.

  4. From the Timesheet Summary click the + button located on the bottom toolbar and this will create a new time record. 

  5. You are now in the Create view for your new time record. You will see four tabs at the top of your new time record. 

  6. Verify that the Assigned To field has your name or the name of the user you are creating a time record for and continue with Check Yourself In below.

Check Yourself In

  1. Select a Work Date and press the save button

  2. Select a Project & Cost Code

  3. Select Start Time/End Times

  4. Select Approvals and Sign your time record.

Approve Your Time (Two options)

  1. From each individual Time Record select the Approvals Tab.

  2. Appropriately approve and Sign your Time Record.

  3. From the Weekly Timesheet view.

  4. Select the Pen button in the bottom toolbar.

  5. Sign the Timesheet for the week & click the Save Signature button.


  • By signing from the Weekly Timesheet view - you are approving all the Time Records for the week.

  • All signed Time Records will have a green background on the edit button & unapproved records will have a gray background.

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