Managing expense reports made simple. Ditch the paper reports and photocopied receipts and start managing expense reports in the cloud. Once an expense report is created, users can add expenses, track these expenses to specific cost codes, and attach receipts by snapping a picture from a mobile device or uploading from a computer.

Creating a new Expense Report

  1. Click Menu > Expense Reports

  2. From the List View screen click the + button located on the bottom toolbar.

  3. Label your Expense ReportĀ 

  4. Click save.

Adding Expense Items to your Expense Report

  1. From your Expense Report record.

  2. Click the Related Menu button on the bottom toolbar.

  3. Click Add Expense Item

  4. Label your Expense Item record

  5. Click the Paperclip tab

  6. Attach a picture file upload field

  7. Click Save

Additional Notes

  • As consistent throughout the BLDR app the bottom toolbar has an envelope button that when clicked will send the record to the currently signed in users email. The button will not be present if the record has not been initially saved.

  • Advanced reporting can be achieved from the Reports Module.

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