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The Projects form is a simple project management tool that provides contractors with the ability to track key information and documents related to your jobs.

Our Projects form supports custom job number generation and is integrated with the Timesheets Form so you can keep track of custom cost codes on a per job basis if needed. See the Timesheets documentation to learn more.

The Projects Form has a number of default pre-made Related Forms that can be accessed and filled out by clicking the Related menu button on the bottom action bar. Some of these related forms inculde: Hazards, Insurance, Comments, Project Tasks, Help Desk, Bidding, Daily Log, Change Orders, Invoices, Punch List, Transmittals, Submittals, RFI's.

Example of the two levels of relation.

Form->List View->Record
Related Forms->Related Form List->Related Child Record

Projects->List of Projects->Select a Project
Related Project Forms->Select Related Form->List of Related Form Records-> Related Form Record

Creating New Projects

  1. Click Menu > Projects

  2. From the List or Grid View screen click the + button on the bottom toolbar.

  3. Fill out your form and press save.

  4. Done.


  • Want to edit your form? Use the Form Builder to modify your forms fields and layout!

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