Tracking all thing fleet is simple. Users can manage the basics of each vehicle, track service requests and service completions, store pertinent registration and insurance information. Track past services, fuel usage, accident logs, daily inspections, and much more with 15 pre-built forms.

Navigating Fleet Example:
Module: Fleet-> Record: A Vehicle -> Field: All the fields on the Vehicle record.

  1. From the Menu select the Fleet Module

  2. You will be presented with a list of vehicles

  3. Select an exiting vehicle or create a new one.

  4. You will be presented with the vehicle record.

  5. Select the Related Menu Button on the Bottom Toolbar.

  6. You will be presented with a list of Related Modules on the right related menu.

  7. Select the desired Related Module such as Service Entries.

  8. You will be presented with a list of Related Service Entries .

  9. Select an existing Service Entry or create a new one.

Creating New Records

  1. Click Menu > Fleet

  2. From the List View screen click the + button located on the bottom toolbar.

Additional Notes

  • As consistent throughout the BLDR app the bottom toolbar has an envelope button that when clicked will send the record to the currently signed in users email. The button will not be present if the record has not been initially saved.

  • Advanced reporting can be achieved from the Reports Module.

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