The Tasks form is a simple to-do list and task manager that helps you get things done. Tasks makes it easy to capture, share and complete your to-dos with others within your organization.

By default the Tasks list & grid views display all the tasks in the database assigned to everyone. Make sure to setup your filters if you want to only see your own. If you want to limit permissions so people can only create their own and see their own use the roles.

Creating New Tasks

  1. Click Menu > Tasks

  2. From the List or Grid View screen click the + button on the bottom toolbar.

  3. Fill out your Tasks form and press save.

  4. Done.

Label - Provide a short description for the task. The label is used in the list views and search to distinguish between different tasks. Make sure that labels are unique and avoid duplicating them as this makes distinguishing between labels on the interface impossible.
Assigned to - Who the task is to be assigned to in your organization. This will be a pre-populated list to select a person from your organization. You can also add an individual here, if they are not present in the list.
Reminder Recurrence - This field controls the frequency of email reminders related to this record. For more information about the Reminder Recurrence field type click here.
Description - Add a little more information on what or why this requires attention and/or any other details


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