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Forms & Features Quick Overview
Forms & Features Quick Overview

Quick overview of the forms & features in BLDR.

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The Tasks module is a simple to-do list and task manager that helps you get things done. Whether you’re working on a project BLDR Tasks makes it easy to capture, share and complete your to-dos with others within your organization. Tasks instantly sync so you can access your to-dos from anywhere. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Contacts & Organizations

BLDR helps you find the right contacts quickly. Store all the pertinent information in one central location, accessible anywhere with an internet connection. A digital rolodex - Search for a contact by name, or if you can’t remember it, company name.


Projects is a project management solution that provides contractors with the ability to access and input key information about your jobs anytime, from anywhere. Submit and track job unlimited hazard assessments (JHA) directly from a mobile device. Quickly assign users to safety hazard submissions, notify users when a hazard is assigned, track progress of completion, and upload photos to the safety hazard record. Or track virtually anything from Bidding, Daily Logs, to RFI's with over 20 pre-built forms. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Tracking all thing fleet is simple. Users can manage the basics of each vehicle, track service requests and service completions, store pertinent registration and insurance information. Track past services, fuel usage, accident logs, daily inspections, and much more with 15 pre-built forms. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Safety Meetings

Foreman or safety managers can host tailgate meetings directly from the field via mobile app. Crews can be preassigned to a set meeting or added on the fly from the jobsite. Meeting topics can be selected from a database of over 100+ topics or custom created. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Timesheets for Office or Field employees all in one place. Office staff can use a desktop or mobile device to track hours. Foremen can check crews in/out, assign cost codes (even multiple cost codes), and approve weekly timesheets with an onscreen digital signature – all verified by GPS. Quick exports make for easy import into accounting systems. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Expense Reports

Managing expense reports made simple. Ditch the paper reports and photocopied receipts and start managing expense reports in the cloud. Once an expense report is created, users can add expenses, track these expenses to specific cost codes, and attach receipts by snapping a picture from a mobile device or uploading from a computer. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Help Desk

Managing your internal Help Desk is easy. Help tickets can be submitted via desktop or from the mobile app. Users can submit timesheet questions, send project updates, or request service info while help desk admins can provide critical resolution to get problems solved faster. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


The Reporting center provides the ability to create simple or complex reports on the fly. Reports can either be exported or directly viewed within the app. Advanced functionality providing the ability to sort & group data can all be done from Mobile devices as well. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


The Administration section provides complete control over users & permissions within the app. From the admin section you have the ability to add users, customize permissions for what they can see, rearrange the menu, customize all the exports, emails, Safety Topics, and import data into the system. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Form Builder - With a drag and drop framework, users can create an unlimited amount of forms or customize any of the existing forms available in the BLDR app. The possibilities are endless, HR forms, project forms, safety forms are just a few ideas. Building custom forms has never been so easy. Simply create a new form and start collecting form submissions within minutes.

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