BLDR is designed to have a consistent layout. Whether you're using an iPhone, Google Phone, iPad, Google Tablet, PC, Mac, or web browser it will be the same.

BLDR has two levels of navigation. Forms and Related Forms.

Forms are all the forms listed when tapping the three-bar icon at the top left. For example, Projects or Fleet are Forms.

Related Forms are forms related to Forms. They can be accessed by tapping the three-bar icon on the bottom toolbar when viewing a Form record. For example, a Daily Log or RFI that is related to a specific Project form.

BLDR supports two different ways to view lists of records, List View & Grid View. Depending on the device you are using and its screen size you may like one layout more then another. The List View is better suited for devices with smaller screens & the Grid View is better suited for tablets or larger where you might want to see more information all at once.

You can quickly switch between the List View & Grid View by tapping the gear icon located on the top toolbar of the respective views or by clicking the Filter button on the bottom action bar and changing the view type setting to List or Grid. Both views have different search abilities available to you. Please read the articles for List View & Grid View to learn more about their features.

The core of BLDR functionality is relational information management. While the architecture may vary depending on your unique business processes, the general concept is that of one-to-many relationships also known as parent/child relationships.

For example, one Project may have multiple RFI's but each RFI is only associated with one Project. Another example, one Expense Report may have multiple expenses but each expense is only associated with one Expense Report. 

Projects Example:
Form: Projects List -> Record: A Project -> Fields: All the fields on the Project record.

  1. From the Menu select the Projects Module

  2. You will be presented with a list of Projects

  3. Select an exiting Project or create a new one.

  4. You will be presented with the Project Record.

  5. Select the Related Menu Button on the Bottom Toolbar.

  6. You will be presented with a list of Related Forms on the right related menu.

  7. Select the desired Related Form such as RFI's.

  8. You will be presented with a list of Related RFI's .

  9. Select an existing RFI or create a new one.

Example of the two levels of relation.

Form->List View->Record
Related Forms->Related Form List->Related Child Record

Projects->List of Projects->Select a Project
Related Project Forms->Select Related Form->List of Related Form Records-> Related Form Record

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