The Reporting center provides the ability to create simple or complex reports on the fly. Reports can either be exported or directly viewed within the app. Advanced functionality providing the ability to sort & group data can all be done from Mobile devices as well.

Creating Reports

  1. Click Menu > Reports

  2. From the List View screen click the + button located on the bottom toolbar.

  3. Fill in the Label field appropriately to your organizations standards.

  4. Select your Parent & Child forms.

  5. Select your reporting period.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click view report.

Export Report to Excel

1. Click the grid action button & select export option.


  • Access to the report builder is restricted by role.

  • To enable access by role, simply go to Roles, select the Role to which you’d like to give access and then, select Reports and set Access to Enabled. Once that’s saved, users under the role you’ve selected will now be able to access Reports.

  • If a user does not have permission to see data from other modules, forms, and fields they will not appear within the reports.


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