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Install the BLDR iOS App
Install the BLDR iOS App
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  • Locate the App Store icon on the home screen of your device and tap to launch.

  • An Apple ID is required to use the App Store. If one has not yet been configured on the device, the App Store will prompt the user to configure an account before proceeding with the download.  To create an Apple ID without using a credit card, follow the steps in this article.

  • Once in the App Store, locate the search icon (a magnifying glass), and search for "BLDR PRO". 

  • Select BLDR PRO from the list of results, and then simply tap "Install" to begin the installation.

  • Once installed, BLDR PRO can be opened by locating the icon for the applications on the device’s homescreen.  

  • Following the above simple instructions will result in the latest version of BLDR PRO being installed on an iOS based mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod). 

  • It is advisable to access the App Store and search for BLDR PRO periodically to check for updates, and upgrade to the latest version when available.

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