Managing your internal Help Desk is easy. Help tickets can be submitted via desktop or from the mobile app. Users can submit Timesheet questions, send project updates, or request service info while help desk admins can provide critical resolution to get problems solved faster.

Creating a new Help Ticket:

  1. Click Menu > Help Desk

  2. From the List View screen click the + button located on the bottom toolbar.

  3. Provide the necessary information.

  4. Click save.

Help Ticket Basics

  • Tickets are automatically assigned to the user that creates it.

  • Use the Assigned To field to change which internal team member is responsible for the ticket.

  • Update status stage of a ticket through the Status field.

  • Add comments to the ticket to update concerned parties.

  • Automatic email notifications are sent to Assigned To user and any related supervisors. Notifications are sent dependent on the Reminder Recurrence field settings.

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