The list view is simply a list of records in the app. For example: the list of Projects or the list of Equipment records.

You can search records within each form list from the search bar. Type the name of a record you wish to find and Tap the magnifying glass icon to start the search.

  • Search is the fastest way to find a specific record you need.

  • Click the search icon at the top of the screen.

  • Type the search key into the text field.

  • Click the magnifier icon or hit Enter on the keyboard.


In addition to searching for record names, you can filter the records in a list view. By default, the filter is set to show all records. Tap the Filter button and setup any desired filters. BLDR automatically remembers your filters so when you return your filter will automatically be applied. Click here to learn about Filters.

Key Items

  • To view or edit a record from the list view click the desired row.

  • To create a new record click the + button on the bottom toolbar. If no + button is present you do not have permission to create new records for the form type.

  • The navigational breadcrumbs above the search bar display your current location within BLDR and additionally are a clickable navigation tool.


  • List Views are affected by Role permissions. If you do not have rights to view certain types of records they will not be visible in your list view.

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