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Field Types - Overview
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Basic Fields

Single-Line Text - Capture single line alpha-numeric data. This field supports any alpha and numeric input values. (e.g. First Name).
Multi-Line Text - Capture large text values that can contain multi-lines returns. This is commonly used for capturing notes or comments from users. (e.g. Please provide any additional comments)
Checkbox Field - Checkbox Field for boolean (true/false).
Radio Group Field - Radio Group Field with list of options.
Select Field - drop-down list of options.
Number Field - Limited to numbers
Any Field -
Date Field - Provides a calendar to pick a date
Date/Time - Capture a date or time value. This field also supports defaulting to the current date or time.
Time Field - Provides a time field to pick a time.
Multi Checkbox Field -

Advanced Fields

CK Editor - Provides a WYSIWYG field
Country Field
- Provides a list of countries
State Field
- Provides a list of states
Upload Field
- Allows you to attach/upload any file type.
Uppercase Text
- Auto uppercase field
Timesheets Time Field
- Timesheet Timeclock field for timesheets module
Project Sidebar with linked Cost Code
- For the Timesheets Module
Cost Code Sidebar
- For the Timesheets Module
Equipment Sidebar
- Do not use - replaced by Related Object Sidebar
Reminder Recurrence
- Provides a field that will notify employees
Parent Form Label
- For Child Forms to automatically include the Parent form label.
Parent Form Field
Parent Label
Signature Field
- Capture a user’s signature within the form.
Related Object Sidebar
- Allows you to relate the form to any other form in BLDR
User Field
- Provides a list of users in the system. Example: Assigned to

Container Fields

Array Field - Field for list of items with same data type or structure.
Object Field - Object field for containing other fields
Table Field - The table field is useful when you have an array of data objects that have a uniform structure. It provides a condensed and table-based way of viewing data. In editable mode, each table field has a toolbar at the top for adding new rows. Each row in the table has an action bar. The table field is an extension of the Array Field and so all array field configuration options apply.
Table Row Field - Provides a center aligned separator with a label
Table Row Align Left - Provides a left aligned separator with a label
Section Helper Row - Provides a field where you can write helper text for your users.

Other Fields

Auto Generate ID - Allows you to create complex Auto Job numbering with patterns
Auto Generate unique ID
- Will auto generate a unique id.
Google Maps Field
- Will automap an address on a google map within BLDR
Youtube video Field
- Allows you to provide a link to a YouTube video that can be viewed within BLDR

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