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Pricing and Customizations

Clear and predictable pricing with no hidden fees

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We know every company has different needs in terms of storage, features and team size so we have created three plans for you to choose from.

Basic         $1 per user / month | Safety Meetings
Pro            $2 per user / month | Timesheets + Safety Meetings
Ultimate   $3 per user / month | All Features & Forms
*Per user per month billed monthly

You can find out more about these plans and what they offer on our pricing page. Follow the link below for a detail of each subscription level.

Need additional customizations or consulting services?

We provide you with various tools to customize the BLDR app to your own needs. Create custom forms, fields, layouts, relationships, all of these without writing a line of code. Administrators can use our Form Builder to create custom modules to meet your business needs. We understand that your company may not have the time or resources to create your own forms or need significant customizations. Our expert team of engineers and form design experts are here to help. We have compiled a list of common services with fees below.

2020 Additional services price list:

  • Standard Form including wizard forms - $500

  • Advanced Form including calculations and scripting - $1000

  • Advanced Report including calculations and scripting - $1200

  • API Link to another 3rd party platform - $3000

  • Project Review & Phone Consulting (5 hour pack) - $1000

  • Project Review & Phone Consulting (10 hour pack) - $1500

  • We also offer significant customizations to BLDR. At this time the minimum project size requires a $5000 retainer or 50% of the project size, whichever is higher. 

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