Timesheets for Office or Field employees all in one place. Office staff can use a desktop or mobile device to track hours. Foremen can check crews in/out, assign cost codes (even multiple cost codes), and approve weekly timesheets with an onscreen digital signature – all verified by GPS. Quick exports make for easy import into accounting systems.

BLDR Timesheets brief feature overview:

  • Real-Time Complete Visibility

  • Global & Project Specific Cost Codes

  • Automatic Straight Time, Overtime, Double Time calculations.

  • Multiple Calculation modes based on employee

  • Full Privilege time entry or Limited Privilege time entry

  • Field Level Permissions

  • Lunch Logging

  • Multi-User Mode - Mobile app store version only

  • GPS Verification with google maps

  • Photo Facial Authentication

  • Employee Sign-Offs in the field - Digital Signatures 

  • Conditional Overrides

  • Attach pictures, documents, or other files.

  • Mass Edit & Delete functionalities

  • Automatic distance from Job Site calculations

  • Crews - create timesheets for multiple employees at once.

  • Advanced Reporting

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