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Sending Welcome Emails
Sending Welcome Emails
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BLDR can automatically send welcome emails to users already created in the app. The welcome emails include the users credentials and some important links to get them started using the app in addition to how to install the app tile to their home screen.

To send a welcome email navigate over to the users list.

  • Click Menu > Administration > Users

Make sure you are in the Grid View Type when viewing your users list.

  • Click the filter button on the left of the bottom action bar which should take you to your filter settings.

  • Look for a setting called "View Type" and make sure its set to "Grid" then "Close Filter Options".

  • Once you are viewing your Users list in the Grid View you will see check boxes to the left of the edit boxes.

  • Check the boxes for each user you would like to send a welcome email to. Then click the Grid Menu button (3 Horizontal Lines on the top right of the Grid) and select the option "Send Welcome Email".

That's it. The app will automatically send the Welcome emails to the selected users within a minute.

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